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It is a good idea to have even a newly constructed home inspected before closing. Although building codes require a multitude of inspections during the construction process, nobody is perfect, mistakes can still be made along the way and potentially problematic issues overlooked. Having a fresh pair of eyes examine the home is a great idea and a valuable step in reducing potentially costly repairs to the homeowner down the road.

​While it may be unlikely that obvious defects will be missed by city inspectors, when a home is under construction, it is changing at a daily rate. What wasn't there when the city inspector was on the job-site, could very well be there the next day!

​From a vent pipe cap that hasn't been removed yet, to handrails that haven't been installed safely, even the little things can pose problems for the uninformed homeowner. It is important to note, however, that, even with a brand new home, cosmetic imperfections will most likely be found, but aren't considered code, health, or safety violations. So always keep that in mind.

​An independent home inspection is an added layer of protection for you, the buyer.