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Most builders offer a one-year warranty. Few, however, send notifications that the warranty is about to expire, and even fewer offer a pre-expiration walk-through to look for any items, covered by the warranty, that need to be addressed.

Having a home inspection before your warranty expires gives you a professional, independent report to give to your builder which identifies issues your builder needs to address. While warranties vary from builder to builder, repair or replacement of these items are usually covered:

Doors, windows and roofing

Electrical and plumbing systems and fixtures

Major appliances: stoves, microwaves, and dishwashers (unless not purchased through the builder)

Heating and cooling systems

We suggest that a month before you hit the mark, a one-year builder warranty inspection be conducted. This can save you money by identifying defects that might not be easily recognized by the average consumer. The report we will provide, gives you a platform on which to hold your builder accountable for bringing your home up to the standards you expect. The inspection will also provide you with general recommendations for preventative maintenance which allows you to keep your home in good condition, thus protecting your investment for years to come. Plus, having the inspection completed prior to the expiration of the warranty gives you and the builder time to negotiate the repairs and have the repairs made before the warranty expires.

This type of inspection is just as thorough as our residential home inspections because we want to make sure you’re getting the most for your money. This is your last opportunity to have the builder make repairs to your home before the builder is no longer obligated to do so.

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